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The Room for Android game review

I found this game on Android almost two years after it was launched, but I have to say it's one of a kind.
The Room is a mystery / puzzle game in which you are tasked with figuring out how to open a locked box by finding clues located on the surface of the box that will unlock different parts of the boxes mechanism. These clues and objects come in all sort and shapes and each will work in a different way that you have to discover and figure it out.

Graphic wise it contains the most realistically rendered 3D objects I've seen in a mobile game, but what impressed me the most was the way all the elements of the boxes come together in very complex but in same time realistic clockwork like mechanism with gears and levers that act as a unified system.

Also The Room takes advantage of the phone's sensors as parts of this intricate machine move or turn as you tilt the phone left or right giving the game play new dimensions. The game give you some hints if you are stuck, but these hints are just there to give you some things to think about and are not solving the puzzle for you, which is good as the whole point of this game is to use your head and think.

Atmosphere of the game is created by various notes you can find inside the multiple levels (which I forgot to mention are acually new boxes inside the one from previous level), and the carefully selected background music that gives you an eerie feeling thought the game.

If you want to train your brain for several hours solving puzzles then this game is definitely for you. Personally I was really impressed by the quality and level of design and thinking that was put in this game and the end to end experience playing it.

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