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Ford Fiesta 2014 Titanium

I'm looking to purchase a car in the next year, but still haven't decided on a specific model. As I'm still a novice driver and living in a very crowded city I don't feel confident driving a large car therefore I'm mostly looking at small compacts.

My first thought was to buy a Polo, however for some reason I want something a bit more bold and sport looking especially at interior. The other brand I almost crossed of my list was Peugeot, I really liked how the 308 looked on the website, but seeing one in real life I decided it's not for me. It's a bit too big for what I am looking for. Although not my first choice, I really liked how I felt behind the steering wheel of a 208 instead so, after a visit at a local Auto show, I added the 208 on the second place of my wish list. It's almost what I was looking for and also in the budget.

You may ask what is, currently, on the first place of my wish list? Well that is the Ford Fiesta. Especially the 2014 model with the new lines and the redesigned interior, just feels right. Also the exterior design is way above any of the other compacts I was looking at. Everyone mentioned the Aston Martin grill as a important part of the exterior design, however I also like the chrome touches on the Titanium version. These elements, as well as some of the interior design elements (dashboard, redesign radio and seats) really give the Fiesta the sport look I was looking after. I agree with you that if I want sport look & fell I should be looking instead at the Fiesta ST, however that is, at least at the moment, a bit above my budget. Although I can say that probably I found the Peugeot 208 ergonomics close to my taste, there is still that better designed car feeling that makes me want it over the 208.

What surprised me negatively on the Fiesta was that even though I was in a high end model (Titanium) the back windows were manually driven. Also, even if it is overall a smaller car than the Fiesta, the 208 appeared to have a bit more space in the back and in the trunk. But probably this was just an optical illusion on my side.

Anyhow I still have a few months to decide until I make the final purchase since winter is almost here and I will probably not going to use the car that much, I just plan to make the purchase early Spring.

Ford Fiesta Titanium 2014 grill
Ford Fiesta Titanium 2014 interior
Ford Fiesta Titanium 2014 central console

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