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Cachi fruit

When in Rome this autumn I saw this fruit being sold at literally every grocery store in town and since I have never saw or ate one decided to try it out an purchased a few.
Doing some online research I found out that Cachi is a fruit in persimmons family that is very common in Japan and was introduced across Italy in the 1800's. It's being said that Mussolini was a big fan of this fruit and he ordered Cachi trees to be planted by every household.

So how  does it taste?

Well I couldn't say I was very impressed as when ripe the fruit is very squishy and jelly like. Myself I'm a fan of more juicy or sour fruits, but I still didn't find it bad. It was definitely special.

If you are going to try one out make sure it is fully ripe, if not ripe eating it will make your tongue and mouth  numb for half an hour or more. One of the three fruits I ate was not fully ripped so I got to experience this feeling. Also it late in evening made my tongue yellow till second day. Nevertheless I can't complain, it was an experience and overall it was quite tasty.

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