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Bokeh lights Photoshop tutorial

I was trying to create this love themed cover for our Facebook covers website so thought it's a good idea to share with the rest of the world how to easily create in Photoshop a blurred lights background, In my case I used heart shaped lights for the effect, but you can use pretty much every shape as circles, stars, snowflakes, etc.
So here is how it is done:

The Room for Android game review

I found this game on Android almost two years after it was launched, but I have to say it's one of a kind.
The Room is a mystery / puzzle game in which you are tasked with figuring out how to open a locked box by finding clues located on the surface of the box that will unlock different parts of the boxes mechanism. These clues and objects come in all sort and shapes and each will work in a different way that you have to discover and figure it out.

Winter is coming

We started to have foggy nights and morning, sure sign winter is here.
Quite a nice view with the bridge engulfed in fog, as I was coming back from a photo shoot. I have to say the Galaxy S3 does a pretty good job at night photography and quite in handy. Although I did had my Nikon with, it was placed at the bottom of my bag on the back seat, so phone came in handy in the few seconds I had to take this picture from a moving car.
Not far till mobile phones will match the quality of the compacts in some areas (well at least of the cheapest ones). I have to admit I'm missing a good camera that I can have with me all the time, can fit in a pocket (and also do other useful things when it's not used as a camera).

Cachi fruit

When in Rome this autumn I saw this fruit being sold at literally every grocery store in town and since I have never saw or ate one decided to try it out an purchased a few.
Doing some online research I found out that Cachi is a fruit in persimmons family that is very common in Japan and was introduced across Italy in the 1800's. It's being said that Mussolini was a big fan of this fruit and he ordered Cachi trees to be planted by every household.

So how  does it taste?


As an Australian colleague of mine pointed, we in Europe are lucky to be able to hop on an airplane and in a matter of two or three hours be able to get to get to another country and visit quite different places from where we live. Last week I've took a short break from daily routine and went on a short trip to Italy, to visit Rome. We stayed there for 5 days but had enough time to see the main sights.

From tourist perspective, Rome is quite a tourist friendly city that you can visit by foot, most of the important sights being in walking distance one of each other. And for the others you can just take the subway. I could speak for hours of all the things you can and should do in Rome, since it's a very rich city in terms of sights and things to do, so I will just tell you what I found special.

Ford Fiesta 2014 Titanium

I'm looking to purchase a car in the next year, but still haven't decided on a specific model. As I'm still a novice driver and living in a very crowded city I don't feel confident driving a large car therefore I'm mostly looking at small compacts.

My first thought was to buy a Polo, however for some reason I want something a bit more bold and sport looking especially at interior. The other brand I almost crossed of my list was Peugeot, I really liked how the 308 looked on the website, but seeing one in real life I decided it's not for me. It's a bit too big for what I am looking for. Although not my first choice, I really liked how I felt behind the steering wheel of a 208 instead so, after a visit at a local Auto show, I added the 208 on the second place of my wish list. It's almost what I was looking for and also in the budget.