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Real Battle RTS - my entry in Make Arma not War contest

I always liked playing computer games and recently started developing my games as well. I'm only fan of simulation types of games, being in the past actively involved in Microsoft Flight Simulator X community and more recently I'm a big fan of Bohemia's Interactive Arma titles.

I'm both playing the games, but mostly I'm very passionate in modding and creating addons. Did a few in the past for FSX, and in Arma I've done an single player adaptation of the DayZ mod called Day of Survival.

As I was in a short one week long holiday last week I got an idea to make a short RTS mission for Arma 3. Short translated in a full Saturday and half of Sunday of codding (Arma SQF scripting is similar to Java), but at first play I knew I hit gold. It was really balanced and fun to play.
Monday I left in a 5 days trip to Rome an then when I got back kept doing some updates. Sunday morning I got the crazy idea of taking part in the Make Arma Not War competition that was closing on Tuesday so had few time to make lots of neede adjustments.

After non stop work Sunday in the late evening I had a version good enough to take part in the competition. Some more time was spent Monday after work, but late in the night I had submitted the entry and launched the mission to the public.

Mission description:
Two teams start with supply points that allows them to purchase groups and units from the start of the game and then use them to fight the opposing faction or capture and hold areas by moving mobile command vehicles in a free area. There are two modes: destruction and domination which determine how score and supply points are given to BLUEFOR and OPFOR teams (either by killed units or number of areas captured over the other faction). First team to reach score limit wins!

You can support my mission  RealBattle RTS in the MANW competition.

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